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October 03, 2010

What a weekend!

Tasty, busy, emotional, invigorating, fun, social - just a few words to describe the weekend I just had. I love jam-packed weekends that are full of hard work, success, friendship, love and laughs.

Pie Fest

Last week, I was asked by Chudleigh's Farms in Milton to judge their First Annual Pie Fest. Of course, I would! What an honour and what fun! So, on Saturday morning, Donny and Rex and I bundled ourselves up (it was FREEEEEEZING) and headed out to the farm! I had no idea what to expect, but Chudleigh's did a great job and the Pie Fest was very well organized. 

Rex enjoying his time at Chudleigh's!
27 pies were entered into the competition and I (along with 5 other esteemed judges) had the opportunity and tough job of scaling those 27 down to 6.  

I'm a classic apple pie gal - it doesn't have to look perfect (I like the rustic look), but the consistency, flavour and crust are so important to me. 
Only a few of the 27 pies
A good, flaky crust with a soft - yet not too mushy - filling, plus sweet apples with some tart and cinnamon = perfection. It was a tough decision, but the top 3 were superb.

A huge thank you to Chudleigh's Farms for inviting me as a guest and to my fellow judges - it was such a pleasure meeting you all and working with you!  

Some snaps of the day! 

Hot Apple Cider on a cold day!

Caught mid-bite!




Working hard!

The Wonderful Judges!

Onto Sunday!

Today was another great day - as many people are aware, my mother-in-law is 1 year breast cancer free, and today, we had a team of 16 people walking and running in the CIBC Run for the Cure. Our team- Carmela's Angels - raised more than $3000 and showed wicked support and energy.

It's so inspiring hearing the stories of survivors and those who have faced this brutal disease. Today we heard a story from Gisela, who told us of her mastcetomy, and her journey. Her strength, sense of humour and determination had so many in the crowd in tears.

The Run for the Cure York Region raised $494,000 with donations still being accepted! In all, $33 million dollars was raised during this walk/run. Together we will find a cure for breast cancer. Thank you to everyone for their support. I'm still amazed how so many people can rally together - whether it be to walk, run or donate - for the cause. Despite the cold temperatures today, everyone had smiles on their faces; it was a refreshing morning.

A real man wears pink!
And so, I say, a wonderful weekend. Combine these two events with fantastic meals, great company from our closest friends and some much needed (and now completed!) housework - all in all, a GREAT weekend.

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