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November 22, 2010

Habitat for Humanity Build

 Well, the day finally arrived. Donny and I got up way too early for a Saturday to make it to Keswick for 8 a.m. When we arrived on site, we met Kari, the site-super and got to work!

Really, it's like we were a part of the family-build team. Donny and I started by making sure the wall to the roof was properly insulated. The home being built in Keswick is a LEED home, so it's environmentally friendly. We had to ensure the insulation was cut and inserted properly so no cold air could get through and no hot air could get out! I cut to size, Donny placed. Funny enough, I had to use a bread knife and the insulation cut like cake. Interesting!

Then it was onto electrical. We had to move a few electrical boxes, and tie down wires to prepare for drywall (which is happening this week). I was excited to use the drill - my first time! - and luckily, didn't take off my finger. After lunch and clean-up, the day wrapped at 2 p.m.. All in all, a wonderful experience and we're ready to plan our next volunteer day.

If you're interested in volunteering with Habitat York, you can visit their website at


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