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December 07, 2010

Mark Dailey - a Toronto Icon is silenced

For most, he was the "Voice" of Toronto. His signature "City TV Everywhere" has been heard on millions of televisions for the last thirty plus years. Yesterday, Mark Dailey, Crime Reporter and Anchor (CityNews), lost his battle with kidney and lung cancer. He was only 57 years old.

Mark Dailey, as a journalist, has been an inspiration to me for years - he always got to the centre of story, sticking to the facts. It was obvious to viewers that he also had an interesting sense of humour, with quick one-liners and funny quips. I always loved watching him anchor at 11 p.m. When I learned of his passing yesterday, it definitely hit me hard, and what's ironic, I don't even know him. But, really, when you think about it - he's been on television, in my living room, longer than I've been alive.

I was fortunate to meet Mark Dailey last year at the Celebration of Hope Luncheon. He was being honoured with a Hope Award, for his work against Prostate Cancer - a battle he won after being diagnosed in 2004. Since that time, he had become an advocate for prostate cancer, chronicling his journey for viewers and encouraging men all over to get tested. I heard on the news last night that he wanted to do the same thing for kidney cancer. Alas, he won't be able to.

My family has an interesting connection to Mark Dailey, too. My dad was interviewed by him in the early 80s - and we still have the VHS to prove it, labelled The Best of Vince Suppa. For many Torontoians, and those who live in the surrounding areas, Mark Dailey was a voice we turned to. We could count on his signature, baritone sound on Late Night Movie night or during commercial breaks. And now, the voice is silenced. I sincerely hope CityTV will continue to use Dailey's voice in the "Everwhere" campaign. It can't be replaced.

My condolences to the Dailey family and the Rogers/CityTV family. We will miss seeing him every night.


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  1. Lovely tribute. So sad--so young! And you're right, he is the first face and voice I think of when I think of CityTV.


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