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January 06, 2011

Happy New Year from the Bad Blogger

Happy New Year - I know, it's already January 6. I'm such a bad blogger. My sister mentioned that to me over Christmas, that I'm a bad blogger. I don't blog for a week, and then I blog all at once. It's supposed to be a consistent diary, she tells me. Fine. So, make that new year's resolution #1. She also wanted to be off the distribution list - too bad.
How was everyone's New Year's Eve? We had a fabulous party at my house with lovely and trendy food, and of course, amazing friends. It'll be the last New Year's Eve without children - no, not me - but our friends are expecting in March, so that will be it!

Julia's version of The Keg's Mushrooms Neptune!

Carrot Ginger Soup served in test tubes!

Do you have New Year's Resolutions? I used to have them, and then I gave up on them, and now I think I'll come up with some for 2011:

1) Be a better blogger (as per above)
2) Volunteer, and help others. I had such a great time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity last year. And it really does make you feel good. Charlene and her family are in their home. So, now we wait until a new build is announced. I will also be the Run Director for the York Region Run for the Cure, so I guess I'm partially there.
3) Attempt to like yoga. I've tried yoga a few times, but never really gave it a real chance, I suppose.
4) Take more "me" days. I love these days and never get enough of them. Days to do nothing but lounge in your pjs, going shopping downtown on a weekday, spa days, random manicures or pedicures.
5) Finish our basement DIY style. I watch hours of DIY, time to put it to action. We have lots of plans for Donny's Man Cave.

I think 5 is a good start. Of course, there's always eating well and staying fit and succeeding at work, but those aren't really resolutions. That's what SHOULD be happening anyway.

And now, a look at some holiday 2010 memories:

Rex pre haircut, enjoying his Reindeer antlers

Rex, post hair cut. He learned how to jump on the kitchen chairs! Bugger!

Merry Christmas from the Bellissimo cousins! We're like the Brady Bunch!

I knit this!
Happy New Year!


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