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March 01, 2011

Yippee! It looks like we have a kitchen again!

So, it's been 6 weeks since our reno began (January 17 we started demolishing the backsplash) and finally, it looks like we knew what we were doing all along. To refresh everyone's memory, we started with - what I now refer to as - "honey-orange" wood cabinets, with a very traditional Cathedral style cabinet door.

Before: honey-orange cabinet door
After tearing out the backsplash, replacing drywall, taking down doors, sanding, priming and painting, it was finally time to put our doors back up. Many people were shocked when I decided to paint my honey-orange wood cabinets black, and some voiced their concerns quite openly, suggesting I opt with a more classic cream or white paint. Well, I'm lucky I trusted my gut (and the many designers who've written about black cabinetry of late), because the end result is simply glorious. We decided to go with Benjamin Moore's Jet Black, which is a softer and warmer black than the others.

Jet Black door going back up
The (somewhat) final look is exactly what I had in mind. Next steps include building, painting and installing a crown moulding and valance moulding, as well as a cool, modern backsplash and new furniture! We're on our way!


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