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July 09, 2011

Beautiful Marbella

Yesterday we arrived in Marbella - pronounced Mar-beya. It's a beautiful old town in the Costa del Sol, in Southern Spain.

After researching various hotels and resorts, we decided to stay these four days at a B&B that got fabulous reviews online: La Villa Marbella. The reviews didn't lie. We arrived to a stunning white stucco building with gorgeous pink flowers climbing it. It's in the centre of Casco Antico (the old town), which is complete with an ancient castle, cobblestone roads and paths and lots of colourful flowers and plantlife. Inside, the manager Marcos greeted us immediately, and Ben (who is coincidentally originally from Ottawa and super nice) took us to the terrace for coffee and to give us the lay of the land, so to speak. Check it out for yourself: We're staying in the Java Room, which is brand new.

We spent the afternoon wandering the streets and familiarizing ourselves with all the nooks and crannies Marbella has to offer. The beach is a five minute walk and stretches a few kilometres in each direction.

This morning, and every morning at LVM, breakfast is served on the terrace of the main building. It's like a sanctuary; water pouring from a fountain, warm morning breeze, sunshine spilling in. It's so tranquil and a perfect start to the day. We got to customize our breakfasts and had everything from croissants, Greek yogurt, hot ham and cheese sandwiches and pain au chocolat. Beats a continental breakfast anytime.

After breakfast, we packed up our things and headed for the beach, which, as I mentioned earlier is quite a few kilometres long. We found a quiet area called Playa de Casablanca and parked ourselves there for the day, taking a late lunch break to savour the freshly grilled sardines that were cooked on the beach bbq. Tomorrow, we're making the trek to Puerto Banus, an area of town once frequented by Hollywood's rich and famous. We'll check out the beach and the shops, of course.

Tonight, more great food, including churros! It's bascially fried dough that you can dip in hot chocolate sauce (bland and not too good) or plain white sugar. We ended up with the Large Churros - blame the language barrier - but we killed it! Definitely need to walk this off tomorrow!

Speaking of walking, Donny bought a pair of espadrilles! Tee hee. Here we are with our new Spanish zabatos!

~ J

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