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July 21, 2011

More Bull

I received an email from a person who attended the same bullfight as I in Madrid on Sunday night. I'm unable to reply directly to this person, but wanted to address his/her points here, on my blog. I was incorrect in saying there were three bulls that (participated) in the fights on Sunday, when in reality, 6 bulls were killed. According to the note, the first bull (the one I watched) was the tamest in the evening, and the 2nd and 3rd matadors were thrown by the bull and injured, respectively. I don't think I could have watched that, either.

This poster felt "the matadors don't deserve the unflattering portrait you paint of them (at least not for the reasons you highlight)". To address this point: in no way did I mean that I wanted the matadors to get hurt or injured, nor did I suggest the matadors couldn't get hurt in such a sport. Of course, a bull is a dangerous animal, and in bullfights, one that is made more dangerous by the confined spaces and taunting. Matadors have been gored and even killed in the ring - this is a fact.

My question of heroism remains, though. The matador may be brave in stepping into a ring with a bull, but in my opinion, he is not a hero. In response to the practice of bullfighting being a cultural tradition - I agree, which was the original reason for my attending. But, it is a sport that abuses an innocent animal. This practice would never be allowed with another animal, so why is a bull exempt? I am not suggesting the country erase their culture, but in this day and age, it does seem morally just to evolve the tradition and the mentality.

I thank this commenter for his/her thoughts and for reading my blog and providing their thoughts.



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