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October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween and a Contest

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Here's wishing all the kiddies near and far a safe and happy Halloween this evening.
Today is also a special day for me as it marks DAY 1 of my FIRST-EVER contest!! Yahoo!

I'm absolutely thrilled to be partnering with The BabyTime Show in Toronto. Starting Today (October 31) until November 7, you could win 1 of 4 pairs of tickets to this very popular event in Toronto. This year's show runs November 9-11, 2012 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

If you're a mom and you've never been to the BabyTime Show, now's the time to check it out. I first went last year in the fall when I was expecting and WOAH was I overwhelmed. It was a good experience though, to see all the gadgets and gizmos and businesses and toys and clothes and stuff! you will need as a parent.

It was also especially special because I took my mom with me. She was in shock the entire time, and if I had a dollar for every time she said "They didn't have this when I had you!", I would have left the show at least a hundred dollars richer! All kidding aside, as a first-time mom-to-be, I left with tons of valuable information, a list of stuff to register for, tons of business cards, and some new clothes for me and babe.

This spring, my friends and I - and babies - went to the show again with a different outlook. Now we understood the challenges of breast feeding, of navigating a stroller, of selecting the right formula, sleep patterns, bottles, nipples, pacifiers and so on and so forth. And this fall, we will go back - with even older babies - to learn about solids, first foods, crawling and walking, etc.

It's so funny when you first become a mom, it's literally a whole new world. You don't know anything about taking care of a newborn or what you'll need, what to do, etc. A lot of it comes naturally, and you learn a LOT within days. And then, you think about being a mom of an older baby, and that, too, is totally foreign. I can't even imagine what life will be like with a toddler, let alone when we decide to have another baby.

And that's really a great thing - you learn so much every day being a parent and somehow, you become an expert. Shows like this give you even more knowledge and a chance to connect with other moms and business owners, as well.

With that, don't you wanna go?! Enter the contest to win 1 of 4 pairs of tickets and keep coming back to check out some of the great things happening at the show!

Good Luck!
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Disclaimer: I have partnered with The BabyTime Shows and will be attending the event for review purposes. The opinions expressed on my blog remain my own.


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