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November 17, 2012

A Super Easy and Affordable Christmas Craft

I'm a crafty person. I love arts and crafts - I always have. When my best friend, Marliese, and I found this craft online, we decided we HAD to do it.

So, our Friday night was spent making these!

So super easy, affordable (cheap, really) and fun. We thought it would/could be fun to make this a tradition and do a plate each year. Here's how you make a painted Christmas/Holiday dish:

You will need:

- porcelain plate
- enamel paint (this is very important)
- paintbrush or sponge
- Sharpie markers
- baby wipes

We purchased the plates at the dollar store, and the enamel paint at Michael's. If you're lucky enough to have a coupon, this craft just got even more affordable.

It's advisable not to do this on your own - meaning, you need two adults per baby. First step, using the paintbrush or sponge, apply paint to baby's feet. You can then position the feet on the plate. If you don't like the positioning, or the baby squirms or curls his/her feet, you can wipe away with a wipe and then dry. Keep trying until you get it right. Leave the plate and clean your baby's feet. We had paint everywhere, this involved a bath! It's ok - you have time.

When the paint is nearly dry, using your Sharpie markers, you literally draw all over the dish. You don't need to be super artistic or creative - simple printing works. Or, if you have older children, they can decorate the plates on their own. Great news: if you make a mistake, the Sharpie erases with baby wipes! Amazing! Make sure the plate is dry before starting again with the Sharpie. Tip: wipe with baby wipe, dry with tissue.

After you're all done your decorating with Sharpies, it's time to bake. Make sure your oven is not pre-heated. Place the plates in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Allow the plates to cool in the oven. This could take at least an hour. If you bring the plates out immediately from the oven they may crack.

And that's it! You're done :) This would make a great craft for a holiday party, kids party, etc.

Here are closeups of my creations:

Happy Crafting!



  1. Hi Julie,
    I love your Christmas plates!!!
    Did you use regular Sharpie markers or paint Sharpie markers?

  2. Use regulär ol' Sharpies. The paint, however, needs to be enamel paint. J

  3. SO...the sharpie marker design won't come off later? Does the baking process make the marker permanent?

  4. Exactly. I tried rubbing mine off and it doesn't. That being said, I wouldn't put it in the dishwasher or microwave, but I think it's safe. I'm really only using mine for Christmas cookies.

  5. so I know this is a year later but I had planned on going to crockadoodle this year with my 2 year old but was dreading the cost. we just bought a new house and baby on the way. this will be the way we're doing it this year. thanks for the crafty share. I love the homemade memories and they are perfect for grandparent gifts.

  6. You're so welcome! Thanks for reading my blog!


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