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November 13, 2012

BabyTime Round-Up

The BabyTime Show was this weekend in Toronto and if you're like me, you were uber-excited to attend. I love trade shows and learning about new products and gadgets on the market.

This year, I attended the show not only as a newish mom, but a mom of a baby that has just started solids. So it was an entirely different show for me; I wasn't too concerned with the registries and the formula, but really loved the presentations on food, and what to do with a baby who's teething. (Watch for teething post this week!) And that's what's great about the show. My friend came along with her 3-month-old and she still found it very rewarding.

Of course, there's lots to see and do - it can be very overwhelming, but here are my top three finds:

1. Sparkles and Glitter and Bows, oh my!

Pumped Up Kicks from Trendy Bambini

I love all the girly bows and accessories that you can buy at shows like this. Yes, I know, some of them are a bit much - but they are honestly so cute they're irresistible. Luckily, my LO tolerates them for now.

I picked up these pumped-up kicks from Trendy Bambini. Trendy Bambini is a Richmond Hill-based company that recently opened up its own store at Yonge and Carville. I loved these shoes as soon as I saw them and had to have them. Super cute.

2. Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint Jewellery from Dimples
I love fingerprint jewellery. I learned about them at past shows and gawk at them every time I see them. I don't own one yet, but one day, perhaps I will? Hint, hint, nudge, nudge? There were two companies showcasing at the BabyTime Show - Dimples and Lovelinx. Both companies have beautiful designs and would make wonderful keepsake gifts.

3. Bring on the food!

Lianne Phillipson-Webb giving a talk about healthy eating
We have entered the stage of solids - cereals, fruits, veggies and even meats. I was introduced to Sprout Right a while back and purchased the book months ago in preparation for the start of solid foods. Really, it's a great book for a pregnant woman right up until a toddler - and discusses everything from what mom should be eating while pregnant to interesting and healthy recipes for kids.

There were lots of other food exhibitors at the show as well: PC Organics, first food organics, Mother Hen and Baby Gourmet to name a few. I'm making my own baby food - but it's great to see what options are out there - and I'd be happy to give my baby some of the organic options if I needed to.

What were your top highlights from this year's BabyTime Show?

Disclosure: I partnered with the BabyTime Show but the content of the articles is my own. 

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