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November 08, 2012

Plan your BabyTimeShow Journey

I'm a planner - maybe too much so. But I've been looking forward to attending The BabyTime Show in Toronto for weeks. I've also been thinking about when I'm going to go, how I'm going to get there, and all the *stuff* I need to bring with me. 

Since I've been thinking about it, I thought I'd share with you. Here are my tips:

Plan Your Day:

Everyone knows when you have a plan with an infant, it's likely to get thrown out the window. But it's nice to have an idea of when you'd like to venture out, especially if it's a long trek. I'd plan to leave for the show when it's baby's nap time, so your LO can rest on the trip into the city. Bring lots of snacks, formula if you need and some toys to keep them occupied. The BabyTime Show has great nursing areas, sponsored by Medela, which makes breastfeeding easy and convenient. There are also Playtex diapering stations. For more information on the features at the show, click here.


The BabyTime Show runs November 9-11 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It's right off the subway line and easily accessible off the highway too. Plan your route and consider all elements: traffic, sports games, weather, etc. 

What to Bring:

In addition to the food and snacks for LO, think about your gear. I'll be bringing my stroller, but also a carrier for when LO wants to come out and look around. The show can get very busy, so while gear is important, it can become cumbersome. Leave your coat in the car or at coat check - less stuff to lug around. You will be receiving lots of goodies and samples - you don't want to weigh yourself down more than necessary.

The other thing you'll want handy and readily available is cash! Most retailers will take credit cards, but some don't, and you may not want to charge $2 for a cute headband. 

Lastly, bring water. Keep hydrated. 

What You Want to See:

It goes without saying there's a lot to see and do at the show. In addition to the retailers and vendors, there are three stages loaded with presentations. The Show Mascot Friends - Dora, Diego, Olivia, Guess with Jess and Chunk the Tonka Truck - will also make appearances between 1-4 p.m. every day. For more info on what to see, and when, click here.

If this is your first trip to the BabyTime Show, or you're a repeat offender like me, have fun and enjoy the day!

Disclosure: I have partnered with the BabyTimeShow, but the content and opinions on this blog remain my own.

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