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December 23, 2012

Twister Dance Review & Giveaway

I'm a dancer - I have been since I was 6 years old. In fact, my sister and three of my cousins are dancers too. We've danced all of our lives and two of them (my sis and 1 cousin) both studied dance at a post-secondary level. While we are all classically and professionally trained, we do love to bop to any type of music.

At family functions, you will often find us dancing up a storm. So much so, in fact, (and I can't even make this up it's too good), we even choreographic Christmas concerts every year. We've been doing them since I was a kid and continue to this day - despite resistance from significant others! (Of course we make them participate. It's Christmas, after all.)

So when I was given the opportunity to test Twister Dance I was uber excited. Twister Dance is the newest installation of the Twister game by Hasbro. It comes with a speaker that lights up in the Twister colours, 8 dance spots and 5 songs pre-programmed into the unit. You have the option of plugging your iPod or mp3 in to add more songs. There are three levels of difficulty.
I had my husband - the non-dancer - try this one out first. We started with Level 1 and concluded it was too easy for us. Off we went to Level 3 - woah! This one was difficult, even for me. Level 2 was the perfect level for us, still offering quite a challenge. The game is listed as 8+, but I can imagine even younger kids would enjoy dancing to the music, albeit not being able to step on the dots perfectly.

Here's the thing: the game is fun. It's not competitive, doesn't offer scores or penalties if you mess up, doesn't come with fancy graphics or anything like this. But in just a few minutes, we, 2 adults were in stitches we were laughing so hard. It's also easy to transport and doesn't have any wires or plug-ins. It takes 4AA batteries.

Dancing is meant to be fun - Twister Dance succeeds in this respect. It's a simple game that I'm sure most kids would enjoy - and even offers a bit of a work-out to boot! You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be bringing this to Christmas Eve to dance with my cousins and possibly even to our New Year's Eve Party! 

If you're still doing some VERY last minute holiday shopping, why not consider Twister Dance, or try and WIN for your next party.

Happy Twisting! And Happy Holidays :)


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