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May 01, 2013

Hey, May!

Welcome, May!

It's hard to believe May is already here. April seemed to fly by and May graced us today with a beautiful, sunny Spring day. It felt wonderful to drive to work with the windows down and the warm air blowing through the car.

Anyone who knows me I'm not a fan of socks! Socks - boo! I'm barefoot all year long and start to venture outside barefoot as early as March. I know, it's insane to some, but I love it! Today, was the first day, though, that I let my toes peep out just a bit! I know there aren't too many hard rules when it comes to wearing sandals anymore, but it's still not strappy season, just yet.

May is also the month of the Mom! In addition to Mother's Day on May 12, I will be participating in the P&G #MonthofMom photo challenge on twitter. Every day, I post a new photo, so please check out my posts!

Lastly, today is Wednesday, which means I was on air with another episode of In the Know. On tonight's episode, we welcomed Patrizia Grande, a local registered massage therapist. Here's a shot of me, pre-show:

The new spring weather has me wearing bright colours and bright lips. Today I was able to try this brand new lip product from pur minerals, available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. It's called a Lip Gloss Stick - and it's exactly what it sounds like - a combo lip gloss, lip stick and stain. 

I have recently fallen in love with the pur minerals line. It started with an eyeliner that worked really well, and then I tried their 4-in-1 pressed powder and bronzer. Now, I'm slowly adding more and more pur minerals to my makeup bag. 

This Lip Gloss Stick worked really well for me - it has a nice scent and goes on smoothly and feels like silk on your lips. Unlike other stains or sticks on the market it doesn't dry out your lips, but has great staying power too. 

I tried "Daredevil", a beautiful light red - perfect for my pout and tangerine dress!  

I also love the construction of the stick as well.

Because it's not a gloss, it's not goopy or sticky. It's actually like a jumbo crayon, but not waxy or heavy. It glides on beautifully and just stays there.

I can't wait to try other colours! This one is taking up residency in my purse! Special thanks to pur minerals for letting me try this new line and share with all of you!

And so, here's to a beautiful, sunny and memorable May!


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