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July 18, 2013

PTPA Summer 2013 Winners

Last week, PTPA came out with their Summer 2013 Award Winners. When a product receives this seal, shoppers all over know that it has been tested by a panel of moms and dads and given a stamp of approval.

I'm very fortunate to be a PTPA Blogaholic and a parent tester. I love getting the opportunity to test and review products for Isabelle, the home and our family. Please see below some items I was able to test over the last few months that get my stamp of approval (and PTPA's, of course!)

Tummy Stuffers: This is basically a stuffy without the stuffing! There's a large hole under the head of the animal which lets you stuff it with whatever you like - clothes, toys, books, etc. It's a great way for kids to clean up those random little toys that get lost all the time. I used it as a peek-a-boo toy for Isabelle. I hide toys and blocks inside and she finds them! She also already understands the concept of cleaning up, and Tummy Stuffers makes it so easy. 

Hold On Handles: This product is great for the toddler that wants the independence of walking alongside the stroller, but also has the self control not to run away. I think Hold On Handles would work for an older toddler, but if you do have a younger, more curious one, maybe try it out in a quiet park versus a loud mall or amusement centre. There are no restraints or velcro to hold the hand in place. We used it as a learning tool for early walking, too.
Fisher-Price Infant Foam Bath:
Fisher-Price makes bath products? Yes, yes they do. This foam bath was a lot of fun - it's easy to pour and has a great scent. Isabelle was fascinated with the bubbles in her bath water and had a great time holding the foam and squishing it in her fingers.

And finally, here is Ride Along Dolly.
Do you have that child that will not leave her dolly anywhere? We're not quite there yet, but we're getting there, it's obvious.

Ride Along Dolly is a seat that fastens to your bike (or your child's) so dolly can have a comfortable ride too. The seat comes with stickers so you can decorate and even has a belt so dolly stays safe.

My daughter LOVED this little chair, even though it wasn't fastened to a bike. She puts her doll to rest in the chair every day and even pushes her around the house with it. A good gift for a little girl's birthday, that's for sure!

And there you have it! Just a few of the PTPA items I reviewed this season. For a full list of the PTPA Summer 2013 Award Winners, visit their website.


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