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August 17, 2013

What's your Gameology?

My family loves board games. I remember as a kid having board game nights - no TV, no phones, just plain ol' board (and card) games. Of course, we were always super competitive about it, too. Flash forward a couple of decades later, we still play board games, and have incorporated them into every major family event (Christmas, Easter, get-togethers, etc). In fact, we've made it a ritual to play a family board game after nearly every big meal. Whether it's a creative game, or a trivia game, it gets us all a little bit competitive and extra loud; we're a loud family to start. Luckily, my husband comes from a board-game family too, so he fits right in.

A couple of weeks ago, Mattel approached me about hosting a Game On Party, and asked if I had friends or family who would want to participate. Do I ever! So, with my aunts, uncles and cousins, we turned a graduation party into a family board game one.

Mattel sent me a handful of games that matched my Gameology sign - so neat. To find your Gameology sign, check out their new Gameology Facebook app, and complete the quiz. I'm a Whittian - no surprise here! - and like games that involve some mind-play. Other signs include the Socialies, Activius (totally NOT me), and Strategicorn.

That's me - the Whittian!
The parents started the night off with a round of Apples to Apples. It's always a crowd favourite and we've played the traditional version many, many times. This time, we were playing the dice version, which comes in a handy tin can - perfect for travel.

The parents took a seemingly G rated game and turned it into something more - all the while having a great time. My mom is in stitches in that bottom, right-sided photo. Just goes to show you: games are not just for kids. 

The kids (us, all over 16), decided to have a more mature game of Balderdash. I had never played Balderdash, but was super excited to give it a go. Take a look at our photos - strategic, serious, focused.  Balderdash is the bluffing game and we had a few good liars at our table!

All in all, another fun family game night - and it certainly won't be our last. Do you have a family tradition with your cousins?

To learn more about Mattel Game On, or the Gameology Facebook app, visit their website. 

Disclosure: I participated in the Mattel Game On Party night and received games for free. The opinions expressed in my blog remain my own.

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