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November 03, 2013

A Royal Visit #THERAWF

No….I'm not talking about Wills and Kate and the future King George, although how great would that be?

This weekend, Donny, Isabelle and I had our first family visit to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Donny had been to The Royal many times as I kid, but I guess my elementary school never signed up for that field trip as I had NEVER been. I was so excited! Of course, this was Isabelle's first visit and definitely not her last.

There is honestly so much to see, do and learn at The Royal. The animals, the shows, and all the great Ontario booths and trailers showcasing our wonderful local produce -- it's worth writing about, that's for sure!

We started our tour of The Royal at the Grain Farmer's of Ontario trailer, where we learned about Ontario's 3 main grain crops: soy, corn and wheat. Here's a fun fact: soy flowers are PURPLE! Who knew??

The booth was super-interactive; you could learn all about the local farmers in Ontario in a click (literally), plus great presentations throughout the day. Fun fact #2: grains are found in many, many products that don't seem very obvious. Did you know corn goes into carpet production? Wild, right?

We also had a live cooking demo by Jonathan Goodyear, Top Chef Canada 2013 Finalist and Grain Farmers Resident Chef. He made a jacked-up corn bread muffin, complete with real bacon bits and adobo paste. Spicy!

The Royal is fun for people of all ages - after an amazing lunch (we had gourmet Montreal steamie hotdogs), we took in a live demo with sheep and Border Collies, played in a giant corn kernel box and even had a close encounter with a beautiful bull.
We ended our day with an old-fashioned milkshake and picked up some Canadian Maple Syrup - and then it was a time to go. After a full day with the family at The Royal, we needed a full family nap. And that's just what we did.

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair runs in Toronto until November 10, 2013. To buy tickets or for more information, visit their website.


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