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November 13, 2013

Pampers Expands its Product Line

When Isabelle was born, she weighed 2.5 pounds, or, in preemie talk, 1100 grams. She didn't wear clothing for about 3 weeks, but she did need a diaper. From Day 1, the best diaper for her teeny tiny tushie was Pampers Swaddlers. 

Pampers Swaddlers was one of the only brands that carried Preemie size -- let me tell you, if you think Newborn is small, try Preemie. I love how the Swaddler wrapped around her body. Oh, and how AMAZING is the little stripe on the front that turns blue when they pee?? The wetness indicator is a fantastic feature.

I tried other brands - as most moms do - and returned to my favourite. As she grew though, I realized that Swaddlers were no longer available. Loyal to the brand, we stuck with the Pampers Cruisers line, made for toddlers on the go. We like the Cruisers, too, and they definitely do the job. 

But imagine our surprise last month when Pampers announced Swaddlers were now available all the way up to Size 5! We learned about the new sizes when the #PampersStork came to visit, bearing a brand new box of Size 4 Swaddlers! Hip, Hip, Hooray! The same great coverage, same blue stripe technology and same Swaddler goodness that we got used to way back when Isabelle was a peanut. 

New features include an absorb away liner, which keeps babies dryer, longer. And while Swaddlers were always super soft, they're even softer now!

Cruisers also got a bit of a facelift, and in addition to new graphic designs, they also are 20% more absorbent, perfect for toddlers on the go. And wipes? They're thicker, and the scents are still fresh and soft.

Three decades ago, my mom used Pampers on me. Today, I'm happy to support a brand that not only has a deep-rooted history, but also a vision to innovate and use technology to take care of my baby.

Disclosure: The Pampers Stork visited our home and I received product to review. The opinions expressed on this blog remain my own.

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