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November 05, 2013

PTPA Holiday Winners Announced: nuud by Lifeproof

The Holidays are around the corner, and today, PTPA Announced its 2013 Holiday Award Winners!

I'm fortunate to be a PTPA Tester and Blogaholic, and get to test-drive many great products and weigh in on them.

Here's what I had to say about one of the latest winners:

nuud by Lifeproof:

Kids loves phones - they see us playing with them and using them all the time and they want them. Unfortunately, they like to drop them, step on them,, throw them in a toilet. If you have a child and a very expensive phone, a protective case is not only useful, it’s essential.

Many people would have seen me sporting my very cracked Blackberry Bold – the poor phone didn’t stand a change against a force like Isabelle. I vowed once I got a new phone, I would be buying a kid-proof case so my investment didn’t go down the toilet (literally and figuratively)

Nuud for iPhone5 by Lifeproof uses a screenless technology which allows you to still touch the front of your iphone while the sides and back are completely protected. Skeptical? So was I. The product has been water tested, and while I didn’t want to test it with my phone, I was happy they included the tester plastic in the case.

So we tried it out. We submerged the case under water for at least 30 minutes and while the front of the phone does get wet (it has to, there’s no plastic there), the inside stayed completed dry and without any moisture.

I like that the case isn’t huge or too bulky, so it doesn’t take a way from the appeal of the iPhone.

The case is better suited for the iPhone 5, as the 5s has a fingerprint scanner that can't be used with this case, unfortunately. Otherwise, the case works just fine.

At $89.99 it is slightly expensive, but replacing your iPhone would be a lot more, so I think it’s worth the investment. 


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