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November 17, 2013

Why Today is Like a Holiday for Us

"A person's a person no matter how small." ~ Dr. Seuss

In Canada, 1 in 10 babies is born too soon. Isabelle was one of these babies, born at 30 weeks. She spent more than two months in the hospital, is super tiny for her age, and is perfect. She doesn't need to "catch up" and was a fighter from day one. As Lady Gaga would say, she was "born this way."

Today is World Prematurity Awareness Day. Since having a preemie, I understand the challenges, the hospital visits, the effect it has on your psyche as a new mom or new parent, the guilt and I try to educate and make people more aware.

More importantly, I understand the joys, the "preemie steps" as we've called them. We celebrate all the little milestones, as well as the larger, commonly-noted ones.

I have found a wonderful community in preemie parents, and love that we can share stories of our children, what they've accomplished and how far they've come.

Today, we wear purple in honour of all the babies born too soon. Isabelle and we were very fortunate; at 30-weeks, she was an older preemie. Some are born as early as 23 and 24 weeks, weighing less than a pound. I've met some of these miracles and they are truly inspiring.

Tonight, we will join parents from Sunnybrook NICU and other local hospitals in Toronto to turn the CN Tower Purple. It's a beautiful tribute in honour of our babies.

Today is like a holiday for us -- it's a day of remembrance, a day of celebration, a day of miracles. Please wear purple in support and help spread the news.


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  1. Julia, we wish we could have made it tot he CN Tower tonight to join fellow parents of preemies. Little One was a 28 weeker born at 980 grams! I always feel emotional on World Prematurity Day and on Little One's birthdays. "Anniversaries" and milestones have new meaning.

    Here's my post:


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