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June 27, 2014

Set Your Intentions This Summer #bucketlist

I'm your typical "Type A" personality -- so it goes without saying that I make To-Do Lists. A LOT of To-Do lists. I really love planning schedules and organizing how to spend a day or weekend or vacation. I do believe that making a list encourages accomplishing these items; it's such a great feeling to check off another task off the list.

The thing is, the To-Do List often becomes a list of things you don't really WANT to do, but you HAVE to do: clean basement, vacuum car, laundry, etc. So last year, I decided -- in addition to the practical To-Do List -- to make a SUMMER BUCKET LIST.

This was a list of experiences, fun outings and excursions to do as a family. These were all the things we WANTED to do, but somehow the regular To-Do List items got in the way. Simply put: we put our family first.

So here's our 2014 Summer Bucket List. We plan on getting a few of these fun experiences checked off as soon as possible, if they haven't been already!
  • Trip to the Zoo
  • Spend the day at Canada's Wonderland
  • Bake with Isabelle
  • Strawberry Picking
  • Take in a Blue Jay Game
  • Go for a walk and ice-cream in Kleinburg
  • Take a Trip to the Splash Pad
  • Dip our toes in a lake
  • Mommy-Daughter Spa Day at Glama Gals

I'm pleased to say we've already crossed off "Bake with Isabelle" -- last week, we made brownies and she was a wonderful helper. She's already asked to bake cookies and we will obviously comply. Here's the thing: when you take the time to spend with your kids and your family, you make memories, and that's the most important. Special thanks to Sugar Baby Aprons for sending us matching aprons with Eiffel Towers on them!

Bucket List items do not have to be expensive or time consuming, but a chance to bond, even for a few minutes, with your loved ones. What's on your summer bucket list?


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