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July 08, 2014

Always a Great Time at Canada's Wonderland

I've lived in Vaughan for much of my life. That said, when I was a kid, a teen, a young adult, I spent a LOT of time at Canada's Wonderland. Vaughan has changed a lot since the 1980s and 1990s, but Canada's Wonderland remains -- a beacon in the centre of our beautiful city, the roller coasters towering over the subdivisions and strip malls. 

Every time I drive through the parking lot and walk through the front gates, I'm hit with a bunch of emotions: happiness, pride, comfort. I've always felt safe at Wonderland; it's kind of like my home.

All of these emotions are tainted with a bit of irony, actually, because I'm probably the most uncharacteristic patron. I'm a chicken you-know-what. I don't love thrills or shrills, rides or roller coasters. Still, there were many years where I was a loyal season's ticket holder, going on a couple of rides each time, catching a few of the amazing productions put on at the park, and savoring Wonderland's most finest cuisine: the funnel cake. I also loved "hanging out" at the park -- those were my teen years, of course. We'd meet up with friends, sit on "the hill" and spend a few hours on a summer weekday minutes from home, yet in another world. When Splash Works opened in 1992, it was the largest water park of its kind and we had a blast. (It's so much bigger now, much like the thrilling rides and entertainment)

So when it comes to my impressions of Canada's Wonderland, I can't help but smile. And now that LO is 2, we can introduce her to what Wonderland is all about. Sure, it can be an expensive day out, there's a lot of walking, it can be hot in the sun, long lines and enough sugar in the park to make a dentist faint, but it's WONDERLAND! 

Last week, we crossed another item off our bucket list. We took Isabelle to Canada's Wonderland. She's actually been before, but I think she really enjoyed herself this time. She was able to go on a few more rides, and even expressed interest in the characters and the games! 

We only spent a few hours at the park, because, really, that's all a two-year-old and a preggo mommy can handle, but I left so proud. I was proud that my baby a) isn't as scared as mommy to go on rides b) that I'm able to share this Wonderland experience with her and c) that she may grow up to have such fond memories of the park as I do. Next year, season's pass!

Disclosure: I was invited to Canada's Wonderland as part of a blogger event and received free entry to the park for my family. The opinions expressed on this blog remain my own.

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