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August 09, 2014

Mother-Daughter Day at Glama Gals Tween Spa

At the start of the summer, I wrote about setting up our family intentions -- our bucket list, so to speak. I'm proud to say while we still have about a month left of summer, we've successfully managed to cross nearly every family activity off the list.

One of these experiences was a Mommy/Daughter Day at Glama Gals Tween Spa. Months ago if you asked me to take Isabelle to a little girl's spa, I would have been skeptical; she was only just 2 and I didn't know if she would "get" it. On top of all that, I didn't want to create a little girl obsessed with girly things like getting her nails done and looking pretty.

Fast-forward a few months, and Isabelle is 2.5 years old and while she LOVES going to the park and playing in the dirt and picking up bugs (ew!), she is also very much a girly-girl. What can I say? She watches her mama and mimics -- I love playing with make-up, wearing skirts and dresses and painting my nails. So, I thought a trip to my friends at Glama Gals was in the cards and it would be a great treat for the two of us this summer.

We decided to visit one of Glama Gals' newest locations, on Historic Main Street Unionville in the City of Markham. Unionville Main Street is likely one of my favourite spots in the region, and Glama Gals has an amazing site in an old barn.

As soon as we arrived, I knew I had made a good decision. Isabelle was so excited to get right inside. We were greeted by franchisee owner, Glama Gal Liz, who escorted Isabelle to try on a pair of spa slippers and introduced us to our aesthetician, Glama Gal Leona. I have to say: the Gals behind Glama Gals are pros. They know how to interact with girls as young as 2 and as old as, well, me! (and beyond!) They were all so patient and kind, energetic and approachable. I'm not the only one who thought so: Isabelle, who normally doesn't do well with strangers, was enamoured. 

After we were suited up with spa slippers, it was time to head upstairs for our treatments. Leona equipped us both with matching GG robes and we had an opportunity to sit and enjoy some refreshments -- cupcakes and juice/water! Then it was time for our nails. 

Isabelle made it perfectly clear from when we left the house that she did NOT want pink nailpolish, oh no. My modern and very mature Glama Gal wanted BLUE nails. And that's just what she got. She perused the nail polish wall and selected her favourite shade of blue for her toes.

And as we sat and got our matching pedicures (Mommy got blue toe-polish, too), I was thinking about our experience and all that it was teaching Isabelle.

Sure, you can't miss the fuchsia pink in Glama Gals' logos and decor, and yes, it's essentially a spa for little girls (despite the "Tween" in the name, my LO fit RIGHT in). But it's so much more than a little girl's spa that focuses on superficiality and frivolous beauty. It's quite the opposite, actually. The company's mantra is simple: Be Confident, Be Positive, Be You!

While you're receiving your treatments, you have the opportunity to read amazing, uplifting quotes from girls and women, each one offering a bit of positive advice. And then there is The Glama Gal Oath that hangs proudly on the wall. The first line reads:

I promise to always hold my head up high with a smile on my face
Remember my beauty is from within and that you cannot replace

And that is the biggest lesson of all -- and that is what I want to teach my daughter. While it's fun to dress up and paint our nails and look pretty and girly, there is so much more to a girl -- especially a Glama Gal -- than that. Her brains and her confidence will send her forward in life, and I want her to know that she is beautiful for so much more than what's skin-deep.

And if the start of that amazing self-discovery is made through a bright blue nail polish at two years old, I'm totally fine with that.

Disclosure: I am a Glambassador and receive special perks as part of my affiliation. As always, the opinions expressed remain my own. 

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