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October 11, 2014

A New Beginning for Walmart #babyregistry

6 years ago, when Donny and I got engaged, I was so excited to register for my wedding. We signed up for china, and crystal and all kinds of trinkets for our home. Truth be told, while I still love it all, I haven't used much of of the "stuff" we put on our registry -- namely the crystal and china.

When it came time to registering for baby gear, we took a bit of a different approach. We wanted to register for items that were practical and useful, and easy for people to purchase, no matter where they were. Now, moms and dads-to-be (and second-timers like myself) have something uber-exciting to celebrate, because just launched their very own Baby Registry site. 

This online service, available at allows moms and dads to create a baby registry in just minutes, and virtually shop through the site, while adding items to their baby registry in a single click.

You can register for anything and everything baby-related, including diapers (we buy ALL our diapers at Walmart!), monitors, baby gear, formula, breast-feeding equipment, clothing and more. Plus, sign up for brands that you already know and love, like Child of Mine by Carters and Medela (two of my faves). Once your registry is complete you can share it online and via email. 

And for those attending your baby shower or wanting to surprise you with a gift post delivery, shopping on your registry is easy. Just search for your name and buy online like you normally would. And guess what? Standard shipping is absolutely free* (there may be a charge in remote areas), but this is an ultimate bonus. I don't know about all the moms out there, but since having a second just a month ago, I do a LOT of shopping online. Saves me from trucking two kids out, especially with the colder weather looming. And who's going to complain about a box of diapers being delivered to your home!? Not me! Buyers can choose to ship to their home, the registrant's home, or pick up at a Grab & Go location (some products not applicable). 

Even if you're not having a formal shower or sprinkle (for future children), having an online registry is a great idea for guests to know what they can bring you and baby. They'll know exactly what you want and need without having to ask. 

The online registry also offers a few additional benefits like the Baby Resource Centre with advice, tips and articles on topics like how to throw a baby shower, or choosing the right stroller and it's totally mobile friendly, so you can set up, view and edit your registry from your mobile device, and on the go. Because how many moms to a newborn actually have time to sit at a computer!?

The Walmart Baby Registry is officially LIVE so help spread the word and make life so much easier for those with wee ones at home, or on the way!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed on my blog remain my own.


  1. This is cool because it gives people a chance to win

  2. This Halloween I am going to be a zombie cheerleader and I can't wait


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