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January 26, 2015

Toddler Crafts: Button Art #craftymom

I've always been a crafty gal; in addition to a great DIY, I love painting, knitting, scrapbooking, etc. Well, now I'm a crafty mom. Isabelle seems to have the same love of arts and crafts as I do, so every day, we do some sort of craft. Some days, we make a work of art, other days...well...not so much.

I get most of my inspiration from other moms on online or on Pinterest, but I could also spend hours in a dollar store finding inexpensive ways to make mini masterpieces. Truth is, I may have been a kindergarten teacher in another life.

Button art is great for toddlers or young children; it works their fine motor skills, doesn't make much mess and can be achieved for less than $5.

You can make this art with one trip to a dollar store, or by scouring your drawers and cabinets. 

You'll need:
  • Buttons of various sizes and colours
  • construction paper or foam to make the letter
  • cardboard, cardstock or canvas for your backing
  • white glue & mini paintbrush

My Dollarama sells canvases in many different sizes and I prefer to use canvas for heavier art pieces. The smaller sizes are about 2/$1. Adults, cut a shape or design with construction paper or foam. For monogrammed button art, opt for the first initial of their name. Glue it to the canvas or board. On a piece of tin foil, pour out some white glue and using a paintbrush, allow your child to paint glue onto the back of each button and press onto the letter.

Leave to dry and admire! This button art can be framed or left as is.

Do you have any great toddler art projects to share?


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