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February 13, 2015

Little Loves #craftymom #valentinesday

If you want an uber last minute Valentine's Day gift, or just want to add some lovely decor to your home, here's a craft that's equally simple and beautiful. Pick colours that complement your home, so once Cupid's jumped ship, you can still showcase this piece.

You can use paper, cardstock or canvas. I've done this on canvas.

Using painter's tape, create alternating stripes and paint canvas in a colour of your choice. I went for a medium shade grey, but you can do any colour you like. Allow to dry and remove the painter's tape to reveal stripes.

Pick another shade for your child's hand and feet. Arrange hand and feet first, and then paint a letter l and e to complete the word. Dust with sparkles if you wish.

Don't forget to date the piece on the back so you'll always remember.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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