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May 05, 2015

Mom Makeup in 5 minutes (or less) #mom

I've always been a beauty product addict. Nail polish and lip glosses are my candy; it's rare for me to step into a drug store and not come out with a new piece of make up to try out. Drives my hubby nuts!

That said, when you're a mom of two little ones, finding the time (and energy!) to even put on a swipe of make up is a challenge. I've managed to find a way though, and it takes less than 5 minutes.


Step 1: Face

Start with a clean face. For any left-over residue, I use Marcelle Cleansing Cloths (left). I love that these cloths are non-drying, fragrance free and really soft all over my skin. In my opinion, Marcelle makes the best make-up removers, too, and I always have a variety of their products under my sink!

Then, all moms need some sort of concealer. Redness, under-eye circles, blotchy skin - we deal with it all. But I have zero interest in slapping on a cream foundation or loose powder. No thank you. I really like this La Roche-Posay CC Creme (right). This CC Cream is really like a moisturizer but provides full complexion coverage and evens out my skin. It's also tinted so it looks like I've applied bronzer, only I haven't! My favourite element -- SPF 30. It's a must for everyone, and now that the spring is here, I'll be spending lots of time at the park. Need to make sure my face is protected. Also in the La Roche-Posay collection, Hydreane BB Cream (SPF 20) and Anthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra-Fluid Lotion (SPF 50).

Face done. Less than a minute. I'm telling you.

Step 2: Eyes and Lips

Here we go: an easy way to apply eye shadow -- no brushes needed. I'm a fan of the Power Stay Shadow Stick (far left) by Canadian cosmetics brand SST Cosmetics Inc. This combination eyeshadow/eye liner pencil is water-based and water-proof! It's so easy to apply and then you can blend with your finger. I really like the water lily shade (on the right). It's perfect for every day use. The #OMG! shade is ideal for shading, or can be used as a brow pencil, too. SST Cosmetics products are made with finely milled minerals; all products are talc free, boron nitride free, paraben free and gluten free.

We're almost there, although you could stop here and still look great. I line my eyes almost every day. I find it defines them and adds some dimension to my face. This Graphic Liner by Make Up For Ever (centre) is amazing. It's got a sleek felt tip that is smooth to apply. Perfect for the beginner, or a more advanced artist. If you want to try a cat eye, this is your product. Can be used for day and night. I've tried so many liquid liners and this one is by far, my fave.

And then the lips! Don't leave the house with some sort of gloss or hydrating lip treatment. I just tried this new Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil and I'm addicted. I have it on my dresser so I never forget to apply it. It makes your lips feel soft and plump, gives you a clear, natural sheen and isn't sticky. Again, perfect for every day use.

Mascara, under eye liner, and blush are all optional. There you go. 5 products, less than 5 minutes.

And here's the look:

Now you're ready to combat the park, the mall, the couch, or wherever your little ones will take you!

No one NEEDS makeup to be beautiful, but it is fun to play, right?


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