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July 23, 2015

#FreeYourBaby with Seventh Generation #contest

Natural. Organic. Gluten Free. Healthy. Eco Friendly. Green. Non-Toxic. Toxin Free. 

Everywhere we look, we are inundated with attractive words that entice consumers to be better, be natural, be conscious and healthier. Of course, I want to be an informed shopper, a healthy person and a responsible parent. Who doesn't?

The thing is -- a lot of the time, messaging is warbled, and what you think you're getting isn't always the case. There are lots of hidden ingredients, sometimes chemicals, and misleading statements that can undoubtedly cause shoppers confusion. Try yourself: take a box of anything -- food, packaged food, cleaning product. Do you understand everything on the label? 

As a family (that is, as soon as we became parents to our fur-baby 5 years ago), we have made an effort to buy products that are free of chemicals. We use eco-friendly and chemical-free cleaning products, don't fertilize and try to keep anything within doggy reach, safe. Fast-forward a few years and with two kids, it's now increasingly important to ensure we are removing as many toxins from our home, as possible.

Now, don't get me wrong. We're not perfect. There are lots of products lingering around our home that are filled with gunk. I'm sure of it. And we don't eat organic ALL the time. And I still wear make-up, and use hair sprays and standard toothpastes and deodorant. We're getting there. It takes time to shift your entire lifestyle.

But for now, we focus on the kids and the home. 

I was recently introduced to a company called Seventh Generation. Hmmm, a new eco company, I thought. Wrong. Seventh Generation has been around for 27 years formulating plant-based products -- long before it was trendy.

They make everything from diapers to cleaning products, feminine hygiene products and recycled products. And I got to test a bunch of them.

I'm happy to say that we've been using Seventh Generation for a few weeks now in our home, and they fit right in. The diapers are super soft and have a wonderful elastic waistband. Yah, so they don't have an animated character or a powdery scent, but that's because they are not bleached, have no lotions, dyes or fragrances. Somehow, that's a nice peace of mind. And really, leak protection is the most important factor to me!

The dish soap is nice, too. The first thing I did when I opened it up was smell it. No scent. Obviously. The soap is concentrated and gives nice suds when cleaning up after dinner. It's also biodegradable. (The dish soap is available in a few different natural scents, too)

My favourite product in the bunch has got to be the baby wipes. These wipes are STRONG. They are made primarily of wood pump, and they have a nice weight to them, perfect for big diaper messes, removing make-up or general clean-up. They are made in the US and not tested on animals. The disinfecting wipes (in the canister) are also great. They also have a nice thickness to them, are safe to use around the kids and dog and are multi-surface friendly.

Seventh Generation products are available at and at various supermarkets.

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