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August 05, 2015

Sandals of the Season #BOGS

I'm a shoe-aholic. That's no secret. The thing is, when you have two daughters, you suddenly become a shoe-aholic for them, too. It goes without saying we have a LOT of shoes in my house.

Buying kids' shoes is a Catch 22 -- you want to ensure you're getting a good, supportive shoe, but you don't necessarily want to spend a fortune, especially if it's going to last only one season. That said, if you opt for many pairs of really inexpensive shoes, your child may end up with blisters, sore feet, foot damage and even the potential for injury.

Finding a happy medium is a blessing.

Last year, Isabelle was able to test Bogs rainboots and she wore those babies out. We both loved the soft fabric, the rubber sole and the ease of putting them on.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Bogs doesn't just make boots. They also make sandals, shoes and flip flops -- footwear for the entire family.

The Bogs Yukon sandal is that perfect blend of solid footwear without an astronomical price tag. And they get two thumbs up from Mommy and Isabelle.

Here's why:

Isabelle: It feels very soft and squishy underneath my toes.

Me: The sandal is stretchy, made of the same comfy neo-tech fabric as the Bogs booties. The footbed is microfiber with a Rebound midsole. It's super cushiony and soft.

Isabelle: I can run in these, Mommy. I can even wear them to the park!

Me: The Yukon has a solid rubber sole -- like a sandal and sneaker all in one. And they can get wet. These are a favourite of mine at the waterpark, splash pad, or playing in the backyard. I don't generally like Isabelle wearing a sandal to daycare, but she has worn these many times.

Isabelle: Let me put them on myself!

Me: I like that there's one fastening strip across the arch of the foot. The sandals fit snugly against Isabelle's skinny ankles and can be adjusted easily. She can also put them on quickly and simply.

Kids have no concept of price, so I can tell you that at $60, these aren't the cheapest sandals on the market, but they are my favourite this season. I like the versatility of the sandal, the comfort and the simplicity. They also come in a variety of different colours for girls and boys alike. 

The Bogs Yukon get our stamp of approval this season, and we hope you can give them a shot, too! To order online or find a local retailer, visit the Bogs website.

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Bogs Yukon sandals to review in order to write this piece. As always, the opinions expressed on my blog remain my own.

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