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September 22, 2015

Don't Forget to Pamper Your Pets

Years before we had babies, we had a fur baby. Our now 6-year-old Bichon Frise, Rex, gave us our first look at parenthood, Rex, is, what we describe as, a husky trapped in a little white dog's body. He's frisky and energetic, loves to play and is very good with our daughters. He barks annoyingly at the TV (you can't even imagine how many animal shows and commercials there are!), and chases every single squirrel or rodent that dares step into our backyard.

Like our human babies, there are days when he makes us crazy and days when we can't get enough of him. He loves to snuggle and cuddle, sleep at the bottom of our bed (in the sheets!), and always gives Good Morning kisses to the girls. Here's the thing about dogs: they're always happy to see you. Even if you've had a rough day, look terrible or haven't showered. 

Rex has had a pretty great year with me at home, on maternity leave. He had plenty of company, lots of time to roam outside or bake in the sun. But when I got ready for work this morning, I couldn't help but feel sad for Rexy. 

To prepare him for my sudden departure, I took a ride over to our local PetSmart to buy him a few things that would help cheer him up.

If you've ever been to PetSmart, you'll agree the store is HUGE and jam-packed with pet goodness. Toys, bones, food, treats, tools, tricks, books, beds. They sell it all. Plus, they are a good learning resource, too. While I was perusing the aisles, a puppy class was about to begin, with a handful of obedient owners and their not-so-obedient pups.

I decided to get Rex a few things: something to play with, something to chew, and maybe some treats. The toy aisle is simply LOADED. Literally hundreds of items on the wall. But I stopped with a smile when I found the Martha Stewart Pets collection. A squirrel! He'd love it! Or hate it...he does like to chase them. With my PetPerks card, the medium squirrel was less than 10 bucks. Perfect.

Off to find some treats. 
Earlier this year, Rex had his first dental cleaning, which resulted in one tooth extraction. Poor guy. Since then, we've really tried to give him bones and treats that help with his teeth. I love these Meaty Bones -- they don't have any smoke or flavouring and the ingredient list simply says Beef Bone. This is a must, especially with young kids around. 

As for treats, again, so many to choose from! I oped for a minty flavoured dental chew by Natural Balance that will help his breath. Yikes. I was really impressed by the selection of natural, organic and grain options for cats and dogs. Well done, PetSmart.

Here's my gift to Rex for being such a good dog this year, and always. (I had to throw in that tiny T-Rex. It has the LOUDEST, most SCREECHING squeak, but he loves it! And it's his name sake!) Rex was thrilled with this new toys and treats -- we haven't given him the bone just yet but I know he'll gnaw on it for hours. 

It's easy to get caught up in life and sometimes not show our four-legged friends the love they deserve. But at the end of the day, they are family too, and everyone loves a lil' pampering. Doggies too.

For the latest and greatest for your pets (even Halloween costumes!) visit your local PetSmart. For more info:

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  1. Oh my gosh Rex is adorable. And the squirrel and dinosaur? Totally have to go buy those for my dog! #client


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