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October 23, 2015

Simply Suppa Holiday Gift Guide Coming Soon

The Holidays are coming....soon. OK, not that soon. But in about 2 months. I'm a planner. I hate leaving things to the last minute.

And I LOVE Christmas.

This year, I'm starting my Holiday Gift Guide super early so I can give readers a chance to get out and get shopping before the mall mayhem begins. (Which will likely happen IMMEDIATELY after Halloween, btw.)

I'll have great ideas for kids, families, hubbies, wives, stocking stuffers, charitable offerings, contests and more. If you miss a post, all the Gift Guide ideas will be grouped in the handy-dandy "GIFTS" tab at the top of the blog. Neat, huh?

And it's not too late to be featured. If you have an idea, or want to be featured in my gift guide, please send me a message, either through my Contact page or on one of my social channels. I'd love to connect.

I'm so pumped! It's beginning to look like....

....ok, ok, let's get through October, first?


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