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November 19, 2015

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chocolate! #holidaygiftguide

Hostess Gift. Check.
Kris Kringle. Check.
Visitors dropping by. Check.
The baker. Check.
The person who absolutely has everything but loves chocolate? CHECK.

I'm a fan of edible gifts -- regardless of the occasion. They're simple, generally inexpensive, and useful! 

Green & Black's Organic Chocolate is a great holiday gift idea. It may sound silly -- chocolate for Christmas? To that I say, why NOT chocolate for Christmas? G&B is yummy, it's organic and comes in a variety of really cool flavours. Add a bar to an existing gift or package up a bunch -- believe me, this will be a hit.

The newest flavour this season is mint -- it's a perfect, winter-fresh treat, with 60% cocoa chocolate and mint flavour. I bet it would be a nice addition to holiday cookies, or even melted down as Mint Hot Chocolate!? My absolute fave flavour is Sea Salt, and I think it's obvious why. Combining rich and velvety chocolate with hints of sea salt is simply divine. 

G&B Organic Chocolate is available at most health food stores and specialty grocery store. Think outside the "gift" box this year and celebrate over some cocoa!


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