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November 15, 2015

Kid Approved: Operation -- Minion Edition #holidaygiftguide #playlikehasbro

When I was a kid, Operation was THE. BEST. GAME. EVER. I never actually owned it, but I loved playing when I was at friends' homes -- everyone always wanted to score the wishbone.

Well, Hasbro's come out with a new Despicable Me Operation game -- and let me tell you, it's still so much fun.
Using the tweezers that come with the game, try all put out various instruments and items (instead of body parts) from the minion's body: the fart gun, the boot blister, the hammer toe and the banana belly, among others. If you're not gentle and you hit the side of the board -- BUZZ -- the whole board shakes, the light turns red and your turn in the OR is done.

The Minion Edition also includes 4 exclusive minions to collect as you play.
As suspected, Isabelle loved this game. It's likely better suited for older children who have better hand coordination, but this will really further develop her fine motor skills. She giggled every time the board buzzed. (Note: the pieces are really little, so if you have a baby at home, it's best to play this game at nap time, like we did!)

Donny and I also enjoyed reliving our childhood when we played the game with Isabelle. Very neat -- another Hasbro game that transcends generations.

I'm giving Operation two thumbs up -- it's Kid Approved (and Parent Approved), and is affordable, too.

Disclaimer: I received this item for review purposes. As always, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

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