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November 30, 2015

Playskool Dressy Kids a Useful Doll #playlikehasbro #holidaygiftguide

Hasbro is hitting out of the park for me when it comes to gifts this year.  I'm so fortunate to test out some of their newest and greatest toys, and together with the girls, we have a blast.

This next doll gets a thumbs up from mom and daughters.

This is a Dressy Kids doll. Isabelle named him Ethan, after her best friend. His real name is Dapper Dan. There's also a girl version too, but, whatevs. Her name is Bessy.

Ethan doesn't DO anything. He doesn't beep or walk or sing or talk. Rather, kids can practice 5 dressing activities over and over. Zip, tie, button, buckle and fasten.

Isabelle's starting JK in September and these are all skills she NEEDS to learn. What better way to practice than on Ethan? The doll is a decent size and therefore, the buttons aren't too small for toddler hands. It's well designed and cute, too.

And here's another bonus -- twenty bucks. You heard me. You can pick up Dapper Dan or Bessy at Walmart, and I think he/she will make a great gift this holiday, or even for an upcoming birthday party.

The Playskool Dressy Kids doll gets three seals from me: it's a super stocking stuffer, it's kid approved and it's definitely a gift under $25 buckeroos.

You're welcome.


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