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November 09, 2015

Why You Need to Take Your Kids to The Royal

For the last 3 years, I've taken my kids to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. You need to, too.

The Royal gallops into Toronto each year for 10 days in November (this year's event ends November 15, 2015) and there is tons to see and do for the entire family.

The Animals

This is a no-brainer. It's always important to introduce your kids to animals, but unlike a zoo, the animals at The Royal are working farm animals. Pigs, rabbits, llamas, sheep, goats, cows, horses -- hundreds, if not thousands of animals are at The Royal every single day -- and they're within arms reach.

Best of all, where you find the animals, you also find the farmers who are equipped with all the knowledge and information about their livestock. I learned today that a sow's pregnancy lasts just over 3 months, she feeds her litter for 21 days and then may be ready for another pregnancy!

Ask any question you want, teach your kids to be inquisitive and respectful of these beautiful creatures.

Isabelle was also a huge fan of bahhing to the sheep, oinking to the pigs and mooing to the cows -- she would let out a glorious cackle each time.

If anything at all, a visit to The Royal is an opportunity to see just how big and beautiful these animals are.

Note: there is also a free petting zoo (you buy the feed), which is great fun for kids of all ages.

The Farmers

Egg Farmers, Dairy Farmers, Grain Farmers, Canola, Cheese, Corn, Wool. Learn about how we enjoy every day essentials like milk, butter and eggs.

Catch demonstrations, speak to the experts, take home colouring sheets and stickers. Best of all -- almost all the pavilions are interactive, allowing kids and adults to touch, see, taste and engage.

The Shows

From the President's Choice Superdogs to the Agriculture Competitions, there are shows all day long and accessible for people of all ages (strollers need to be parked outside of the Superdogs show). Learn about what makes an award winning Heifer or a world class vegetable! It's also a good opportunity to relax your feet a bit.

The Royal Horse Show is rated the #1 Indoor Horse Show on the continent. You will need to buy separate tickets to this, but it's sure to be an awesome experience with international show jumpers and riders from around the world. (Fair tickets are included with the price of Horse Show tickets)

The Food

Dare I say, the food at The Royal is better than at The Ex?! So many options, delicious and delectable, in the food court to choose from. From Rosti to Perogies, Philly Cheese Steaks and Indian, there are many, many options. Or, snack on the go, with local peperettes, butter tarts, pretzels and apple dumplings! (I SO wanted an apple dumpling, but that'll have to wait until next year!)

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair runs until November 15 at Exhibition Place in Toronto. For more information on tickets and how to play your visit, visit the website.


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