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December 06, 2015

Make Holiday Decor Easy with Kleinburg Nursery #holidaygiftguide #shoplocal

I love decorating for Christmas. The tree, garland, tablescapes, outdoor urns, poinsettias -- I even decorate the bathroom. In fact, I often get sad in January when I pack up all my holiday decor. The house looks so barren and empty. I spend a great deal of time trimming my tree -- all decorated in whites, creams, gold and champagne -- and meticulously arrange my nativity set and buffet. I'm a bit of a crazy perfectionist, but, admitting it is half the battle, right?

Well, when I had kids, people would often joke -- there goes your pretty tree. What!? WHY!? No way, Jose. OK so I do already have quite a few sentimental kids ornaments on my "show" tree, and while I have switched to many shatterproof ornaments (why risk it!?), I'm not eager to add a bunch of random, multicoloured ornaments just yet. Maybe in a few years, but, not yet.

On the same token, I knew Isabelle would be thrilled to have her own tree -- just like mommy has her own tree. So, I called my friends at Kleinburg Nursery to help me prepare a kids' tree that can be the focal point in our family room. Kleinburg Nursery is a full service nursery and garden centre, with landscaping services, too. In the spring, you'll find me there stocking up on my veggies and adding a few perennials to my collection, and they always have amazing sales come the fall. But their holiday decor is out of this world gorgeous.

Here, I present our Wackadoodle Mat Hatter Crazy Tree.

It's the complete opposite of my dining room, but you know what, I love it. And Isabelle really loves it. When we surprised her with it on December 1st, she didn't know what to say. "Mommy, there's an elf sticking out of it!" Every single day she finds something new with her "crazy" tree.

It's filled with candy and shatterproof balls and picks, sparkly ribbon and there are a few little friends tucked inside too. It's also a real tree (although only 4 feet), so it leaves a fresh pine smell and the tiny needles haven't even begun to fall yet.

It's so impressive and literally loaded with holiday cheer.

Thanks to my friends Linda and James and the staff at Kleinburg Nursery for reminding me to keep a bit of colourful kids charm in my holiday decor -- I think this may be a tradition I continue for years to come.

If you haven't completed your holiday decor, or you'd like to add some new pieces, there's still time.

Take your pick from woodsy to Canadiana, metallic, rustic or crazy colourful wacky fun. The nursery sells ornaments, wreaths, trees, decor accessories and more. Real or faux -- whatever floats your boat. You can also pick up your outdoor urns there, poinsettias and great hostess gifts like rosemary trees (featured above).

For more information on Kleinburg Nursery, visit their website.

Disclaimer: Kleinburg Nursery designed our wacky tree for this post. As always, all opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

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