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December 09, 2015

Play-Doh Fun Tub a Bucket of Fun for Kids #holidaygiftguide

Isabelle could play with Play-Doh for hours every day. I still remember the day she discovered instead of just mushing and mashing the compound in her hands over and over, she could actually form shapes and objects. Her mind was blown and she's loved it ever since.

I have a few Mommy rules when it comes to Play-Doh at home:

  1. Put it back in the container. Dry Play-Doh hurts like a youknowwhat if you step on it barefoot!
  2. Keep it on the mat when you play (and hope it doesn't end up smeared in my carpet)
  3. Don't eat it, or let the dog eat it
  4. Don't mix the colours! Yeah, right, mom.
If you have kids who enjoy Play-Doh, I have a great gift that's not huge, not expensive and not difficult to clean. 

This is the Play-Doh Fun Tub, and it's a small little bucket with a lid loaded with simple fun. Cutters, moulds, rollers, tools and a few tubs of play-doh all in one container.

Isabelle had a great time rolling out the Doh and making different shapes, although she was quite disappointed when we needed to pack up and mush all our creations. But that's a different story. Kids can play for hours with this kit and it's a great gift for siblings to share, too. If you need a few Birthday presents, this is an awesome one to have on hand in the event of a last minute invite. And for $22.99 (CAD, Toys 'R Us), it makes an affordable gift too.


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