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December 16, 2015

Pumped Up Kicks #skechers

A couple of years ago I fractured my patella. For over two months, I needed to wear comfortable, lightweight shoes. Luckily I found them in Skechers.

Since then, I've worn quite a few styles and each one is easy to wear, comfy and super bright and stylish. That's not a new revelation; I've known for a while that Skechers sold really neat women's shoes. In fact, I've worn them for years (even prior to my knee incident). But I didn't quite realize how MANY different styles they carried -- everything from slip on, to slipper to lace up, memory foam (super!).

There are literally hundreds of shoes at the Skechers store in Yorkdale -- ladies', children's AND men.

A few months ago I needed a new pair of shoes for walks with the girls and general playtime. I really liked the look of sleek black runners with white soles, and luckily, Skechers had a style very similar. These new ones screamed my name. They're actually called Simply Sweet. Umm....made for me! And they're the same colour as my blog!

I have to say, I love wearing these sneakers. The fabric outer layer is breathable and light. It hugs the foot nicely without blistering or chafing. I love the hot coral colour inside and on the laces, but if you don't want to be so vibrant, they also come with a second set of laces. And the sole. It's a bright white, but it's also flexible and moves with every step. While they're perfect for walks and light exercise, these aren't the shoes for hard-core running or bootcamp. Skechers does have other footwear for those types of exercise, though.

The kids shoes are equally amazing. So many different styles and colours from infant all the way to older children. They are age appropriate and my daughters love the glitter and lights on some of the shoes. I'm a personal fan of the slip-on collection in the neon shades. Perfect for daycare.

Here's what surprised me most, though. Skechers makes pretty awesome men's shoes, too. I don't know why I didn't ever consider Skechers shoes for Donny, but, now I know. In addition to runners and casual shoes, there is an amazing line called Mark Nason for Skechers that features a few great styles that are perfect for the casual guy who wants to kick it up.

Buying shoes for Donny is NOT fun and NOT easy. He has a long, narrow foot and shoes are generally too wide or floppy or just not right. The Mark Nason for Skechers shoes/boots fit him very well, and feature an incredible memory foam insole, making them super comfortable and cushioning. Some styles are wider than others, so your best bet is to try and see which feels the best. On the left, Donny is wearing the Rangpuk in black, and on the right, the Loretto. We also really like the Skechers Camber, not shown. They are ideal for under a casual dress pant - sleek, slim and stylish.

Mark Nason for Skechers shoes are only available at a few select stores, but Yorkdale does carry the line and has an extensive collection.

So if you're in the market for new shoes this holiday, I do recommend stopping by the Skechers store (or shop online!) for footwear that will start your new year off right.

Disclaimer: We received shoes to test in order to write this review. As always, all opinions expressed on this blog are my own.


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