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January 21, 2016

"Force" Footprints #craftymom #starwars

My hubby is a big Star Wars fan. Huge.

Me? Not so much.

But this past Christmas, I wanted to give him something from the girls that would be meaningful, easy to make and extra special, in honour of Star Wars The Force Awakens. I call these Force Footprints.

The project is actually very simple. You'll need some feet, obviously, and a piece of canvas or board. I opted for canvas, as I'll hang it on a wall, somewhere, eventually. I used regular acrylic paint from the dollar store, applied with a foam brush. And for some parts, you'll need a steady hand.

First you paint your child's feet (one at a time) with paint and place on the board. I immediately wipe with baby wipes before heading into the bath. In this case, every character was a different colour paint, and for Yoda, the heel was green and the body was brown.

Allow the footprints to dry completely.

Now's the time you can get creative. With a really thin brush, you're going to paint all the details onto each character and bring them to life. You can also use a thin Sharpie marker for the finer details. Seeing as I'm not an uber fan, I had to reference some photos online and I think I did a pretty good job -- at least Donny said so!

And there you have it. I dated the back so we can always remember the year The Force Awakens was released. Plus, we have the footprints to go along!


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