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February 03, 2016

Sensual Escape with Muru Aki Ritual #sanctuarydayspas

When was the last time you enjoyed a truly relaxing massage? 

It's been a while for me, which is ironic, because I do get regular massages. I'm a regular at at Sanctuary Day Spas in Vaughan, but when I go for an RMT treatment, it's work. It's not the most relaxing experience. That's all my doing, by the way. I always ask the RMT to work out the knots and live by the "no pain, no gain" mantra. 

I'm also a pretty boring spa patron, always going for the same treatment, time and again. 

Well today, I went for different. I went for relaxing. I went for an escape. And it was blissful. 

In honour of Valetine's Day and the month of love, Sanctuary Day Spas has a special massage package for 2. It's called the Muru Aki Ritual and it was an experience like no other.

Donny and I arrived at the spa not knowing what our treatment would entail. We were escorted into a couples room, and instructed to undress and wait on the tables, under the covers. When our therapists came in, our paradise began.

The treatment combined cold and hot elements, using coconut oil, hot stones and seashells as part of the routine. On each part of the body, icy cold was applied first, followed by a warm coconut oil and hot stones. I could feel my body melting beneath her hands. 

And the room was filled with the songs and sounds of blissful Hawaii, which just added to the experience for me. Donny and I celebrated our honeymoon in Hawaii almost 7 years ago and the beautiful melodies brought me right back.

The Muru Aki Ritual is 60 minutes in length and is a beautiful way to connect and unwind. I was reminded a few times to relax (ha!), but I can attest that the treatment is, in fact, relaxing. And Donny? Well, I'm pretty sure he fell asleep on the table. 

The most disappointing thing about the treatment is that when I finally opened my eyes, I wasn't on Maui. Oh well. It was wonderful while it lasted. This ritual would make a fabulous Valentine's Day gift and a great way to reconnect and refresh.

Sanctuary Day Spas is generously giving away a Muru Aki Ritual (for 2) to one lucky Simply Suppa reader in honour of Valentine's Day. To enter, please fill out the form below.

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Good luck!



  1. I like the treatment combined cold and hot elements and would love to try it with my hubby this coming Valentine's day. Thank you.

  2. Winning the prize would allow us to spend quality time together which is hard to come by with two kids. We may not be able to afford a trip but the The Muru Aki Ritual would give us a chance to unwind and reconnect.

  3. We don't have time or money for a vacation, so this would be the next best thing!

  4. My husband and I could use some relaxing time together. We're both super busy between work & family & this would be a great chance to reconnect.

  5. This sounds so relaxing! I've always wanted to experience Hawaii...

  6. I would love to try this because we are over worked and need something to help us unwind, plus this would be a lovely treat for Mr to just enjoy


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