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April 19, 2016

Why You Need Oliver's Labels In Your Life #win

By now, if you're a Simply Suppa reader, you know that I'm a list maker, a note taker, and a calendar filler. I'd like to add Crazy Labeller to that list. My name is Julia and I like to label things. 

My family was first introduced to Oliver's Labels a few years ago when Isabelle started daycare. She received a package for her birthday and I was so impressed. I labelled all her daycare clothes, her shoes, her hat and mitts, her jacket, knapsack and blanket. Label heaven.

I really like that Oliver's Labels is Canadian -- that is paramount to me. But the labels are also affordable, come in a variety of colours, styles, patterns and even graphic images. They also ship in days so if you need a last minute label (aka label emergency!), you can have your labels delivered super quickly. 

Recently, Oliver's Labels has come out with an ADULT COLLECTION of labels. Oh yea, you heard me. I'm obviously not the only one who has a little label obsession. I've very fortunate to have been able to test a few of these products and of course, I highly recommend. 

Here are my favourite ways to use Oliver's Labels:

  • Obviously, labelling your kids' clothes and school stuff is really important. My ultimate favourite in the collection is the Clothing Labels, which are tiny and discreet, and don't come off in the wash.
  • Shoe Labels or Match-Up Labels are great for the pre-schooler, and helps them learn their left and right. 
  • Allergy Labels are so important for parents to put on their child's lunchbox, or even on their clothing for a school trip. Safety wristbands are also available.
  • Original Labels, Round Labels and Mini Labels are perfect for items around your home, your office, your desk, or items you transport on a regular basis. I label the items that like to walk off my desk (like my stapler), but more importantly, my agenda and even my workout gear. 

  • This week, Oliver's Labels released their Bin Labels -- perfect for your garbage or recycling bins. Bye, bye, spray paint. 
  • I use the Large Tags and the Mini Tags for so many things -- on my daughters' knapsacks, on a carry-on, and most recently to label our Bubba mugs and sippy cups while on vacation. (see photo above) I actually printed an entire set of labels for the whole family and that ensured all our cups and mugs were organized and everyone was using their own. If you have kids with similar items at home, you've eliminated a potential argument right there!
  • I JUST discovered the Date Labels and I have to say...."Where Have You Been!?" I'm a meal planner and I love to have frozen meals in a pitch. I usually batch cook TONS of chicken soup and freeze, and prior to this recent discovery, I would use a piece of paper and tape it on. (Shame, shame) These Date Labels come with a pencil crayon that is erasable. The labels are reusable and dishwasher safe. Mind Blown.

Lastly, another favourite is the Party Package. Starting at $4.99, you can create a customized loot bag for kids that is affordable and useful. 

Simply Suppa has a chance for you to WIN a $50 Gift Card to Oliver's Labels. 

To enter, follow @simplysuppa on Instagram and let me know what you would spend the $50 on. A winner will be notified via Instagram April 30.

Good luck and happy labelling!

Disclosure: I received Oliver's Labels in order to write this review. As always, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.


  1. I love Oliver's Labels too! If I won I would spend he gift card on the new personalized bunting for my kids rooms. So cute :)
    Followed on Instagram!

  2. Love Oliver's Labels! If I won I would definitely use the gift card on the personalized bunting... Perfect for my boys rooms!
    Followed on Instagram :)

  3. @cotec007 following Simply Suppa on instagram. I would spend the 50$ gc on labels for my curb side bins as we live in a cul-de-sac and everyone has the same bins :()

  4. Love the variety of labels available!! My faves are the shoe labels! My son always gets excited putting on his shoes :-)

  5. i will get some kids labels and the large tags for garbage bins


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