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June 28, 2016

To all the SuppaDuppa Teachers #schoolsout

I grew up in a house where our cabinets were filled with World's Greatest Teacher mugs. My mom was a superstar teacher for more than 35 years, right up until her retirement a couple of years ago. I was often encouraged to pursue teaching as a career, and sometimes, I still consider it. My sister Laura did follow in my mom's footsteps, though, and has quickly established herself as a Suppaduppa teacher.

Teachers often get a bad rap in today's society, what with their great salaries, hours, sick days, summers off and holidays. But it takes a special kind of person to be a teacher, and to be a great teacher, it takes an extra special one.

I'd like to think that the majority of teachers out there care incredibly about the students they teach; they strive to make learning fun and interesting. They're kind and gentle, approachable and smart. I have many teacher friends who are consistently creative, challenging their students to push themselves and changing the way they learn. I was very fortunate to have had quite a few amazing teachers throughout my education, and I can only hope -- now that Isabelle is one summer away from Junior Kindergarten -- that my girls will, too.

Ms. SuppaDuppa and her student, Chloe. Used with permission.
Last week, 98.1 CHFI, a Toronto Radio Station hosted a Teacher's Appreciation Contest and invited people to nominate their favourite teacher. This is a submission they received from one of my sister's students, Chloe.

Talk about a tear jerker. This is a kid who obviously had a great year at school. Thanks to her submission, Laura's class won a pizza party and undoubtedly a permanent spot in my sister's heart. Laura also got the chance to thank Chloe and her students the next morning on the Erin & Darren show.

And so, as we're nearing the end of another school year, I'd like to take a moment to thank all the hard-working teachers who are so passionate about what they do, for taking care of our children and guiding them every single day. Thanks for your patience, your creativity and your strength. And to all the SuppaDuppa teachers in my life, keep doing what you're doing -- our kids are better because of you.

Enjoy your summer -- you deserve it.


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