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August 20, 2016

Who Has Time for Laces? Get in Gear with #Skechers #BacktoSchool

Let's face it: people are lazy. In fact, we're getting lazier and lazier. Even too lazy to tie our own shoes. True story.

OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but by and large, I don't have time for laces. Not for myself, and definitely not for my kids. It's not that shoes with laces take forever put on, but they do, quite often, unlace. Not a huge deal for anyone who is capable of lacing their own shoes in less than 30 seconds, but for kids, laces are just silly and add even more time to the already arduous feat of "getting out of the house". And come on, once you get a good lace-up job, you really just shove your foot in as best as possible so as to not re-lace -- am I right?!

A few months ago, I was invited to a Skechers Media Preview and got the chance to take a look at their latest collection and one of the things that I noticed was that a solid bunch of their shoes come lace free. Skechers has actually found ways to create slip on shoes that actually LOOK like lace ups, without compromising style or comfort. 

These lace-free sneakers are called S-Lights: Lumos, and are available in toddler and kids sizes. They have a bungee lace across the top of the foot and one velcro strap. They stretch width-wise to get on the foot and feature the Skechers signature memory foam foot bed. S-Lights are available in a variety of colours and styles for girls and boys and are an amazing shoe for back to school, play, park, amusement trips, big walks or hanging out. They are light-weight and as Isabelle commented, "They feel very soft on my feet, mommy, like a pillow." I'm sure parents will also be happy to note that these are very reasonably priced ($30-50 CAD depending on size and style), have non-marking soles, and can work for kids of all ages. 

What my girls loved the MOST though, is the three-colour light up midsole. With every step, they blast out colour. While I think this is utterly adorable, when it's dark, these shoes give quite the light show -- so be warned! My girls have worn these sneakers -- with or without socks -- for about a month straight. They love the look, they must feel really good, and of course, they love the lights. 

But it's not just kids shoes that Skechers is mastering the art of the non-lace. How about a casual sports shoe that looks like a cute runner, sans string?

This is the Women's Glider in Posies.

Similar technology to the kids shoe above, with the bungee lace built into the shoe, but this ladies shoe doesn't have a velcro at all. It's a slip on runner that looks like it's been laced up.

The Glider is simple to slip into and out of, is super cushiony and soft and has a great rubber sole.

I love the floral pattern on the shoes which really makes them pop. If we're talking back to school, these Gliders are perfect for the student who still needs to change shoes indoors, wants something easy and slip on, carefree and fun.

The style really shows off your individuality and is still a practical, comfortable shoe for your feet.

OK -- if you weren't impressed already -- let's talk about Mens shoes. Last winter, I discovered the Mark Nason line, made exclusively for Skechers. Well, they've expanded this line and really upped the style factor, too.

The Knoxville is a breathable, lace free sneaker that features the ever-trendy perforation along the entire shoe. There is a solid skate-style sole and cushioned arch and memory foam foot bed. Donny has a long, narrow foot and these fit him incredibly well. Style-wise, they are perfect with a pair of jeans and a tshirt, for that teen or pre-teen who wants a comfortable sneaker that looks really good, too.

I'm really impressed by the Mark Nason collection and know that fall is full of brand new styles (both with laces and without), like booties, three straps, slip on, lace up oxfords and more. Ideal for men, young and old(er), who need and want comfort as much as (or more than) they need and want the look.

Simply Suppa is so honoured to be working with Skechers Canada and to be able to share these amazing finds with you. Skechers has a generous prize for one lucky Simply Suppa reader. To enter our Skechers Back to School contest, fill out the Rafflecopter below.

What do you look for in a pair of Back to School shoes?

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Disclaimer: I received Skechers shoes in order to write this post. As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are my own.


  1. My son loves these light up shoes! And I agree, no one has time for laces!

  2. I PUT your name in the instagram instead of jfitze2

  3. WE absolutely love sketchers . Back to school shoes need to be great quality with white soles as per school request lol . I love slip ons for my kiddos though

  4. I would love to win this! such a great prize

  5. I love Skechers shoes for their styles and comfort and
    prefer to have the slip on style. :)

  6. We are definitely a Sketchers household. Love the styles that fits the whole family. With my first daughter starting kindergarten this year as well I have already bought her sketchers as indoor shoes because as a teacher I know that they are comfy to sit crossed legged at the carpet with.


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