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September 30, 2016

Take Charge like Elena of Avalor #DreamBigPrincess

If you have a young daughter at home, chances are, you've been introduced to Elena of Avalor, the newest princess on TV. In fact, Elena is the first Latin American Princess and she is on a journey to reclaim her parents' kingdom, despite many odds. 

The Crown Princess is a teenager, and needs help before taking the throne; she is bold and strong, a take charge individual, who is also learning all about leadership and compassion.

Elena is not an "official" Disney Princess yet, but she will certainly be a fan favourite in no time. And talk about relevance -- 2016 may be the year that the US sees its first female President -- a similarly bold and take-charge individual. For generations, women leaders have had to fight against resistance and criticism -- Elena of Avalor is no different. Elena teaches young girls that they can be leaders, they can be taken seriously, and they can be strong, and yet, still caring and compassionate. 

The Disney Hasbro Princess Collection includes two Elena of Avalor dolls -- one sporting her beautiful Royal Gown. I have to say, this is a decked out Princess. Both Elenas are adorned with various bling -- earrings, bangles, gold belt and crown. Beware these pieces are quite small and come out very easily, so if you have a toddler at home, perhaps keep these pieces out of reach. But take a look at the fabulous footwear on Elena: 

I have to say, I think she has the best shoes of them all! 

Simply Suppa is proud to be partnering with Hasbro to, once again, offer a wonderful giveaway to my readers. Enter below to win your own Elena of Avalor prize pack. Good luck!

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  1. Elena of Avalor is pretty new to me, but my girl is a fan!

  2. Love that she help to teach girls to me leaders! She is a very pretty princess! (Judy Cowan)

  3. I love how Elena has all the qualities of a typical Disney Princess but is not just searching for her prince charming/happily ever after. She's strong, courageous, dedicated, smart and FUN! My 4 year old has put Elana above Sofia these days.

  4. Elena of Avalor is a beautiful doll which will be loved by my niece who is a fan.
    Florence C

  5. Elena of Avalor has beautiful shoes! I've actually not heard of her, but she's beautiful!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  6. Love that Elena of Avatar is a strong female character in a leadership story role.

  7. I like her long hair and her outfit.

  8. Elena is very popular in our homes these days. To watching her show daily to already been set with my LO Halloween costume (jewellery & all ). I too enjoy watching alongside my LO

  9. Elena is very popular in our household! From watching her daily to , being prepared in full gear for Halloween -including shoes and all accessories. My LO cant wait!

  10. Honestly I have never heard of the movie before. I'm learning so much about the #dreambigprincess campaign. My daughter and I just watched brave. Now we'll watch this one.

  11. My daughter love this show! And I love how she is the first Latin princess! My daughter is just starting her princess collection and would love Elena!

  12. Her dress is beautiful. My daughter is a huge fan of Elena


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