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November 22, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Jord Watches #jordwatch

Frankie Jord Watch in Zebrawood Champagne

I've got a really great gift for the following person on your list: 
  • the person who loves style
  • the person who makes a statement
  • the person who likes unique fashion pieces
  • the person who creates conversation
  • the person who appreciates natural, hand-crafted items
  • the person who collects really cool watches
Do you have one of these people on your Christmas list? I know I do. And I know they'd also appreciate a JORD Watch. 

Wood watchJord watch

What's different about JORD Watches? Well, firstly, they're made of wood! It's a wood watch! JORD watches are handcrafted and use 100% natural wood without any chemicals to treat or protect the wood. You might be surprised to know they are super light weight, too. I'm not typically a "large watch" wearer, and I can barely feel that I'm wearing mine. 

Wooden Watch Box

Now let's talk about style; there are so many styles, wood types and colours to choose from. Each watch is delivered in a brilliant wood box, engraved with the signature J and inside, your chosen timepiece. My watch is a Frankie in a Zebrawood and Champagne face. I have been able to wear my watch day in and out with a variety of different sweaters, dresses and jackets. It's the perfect casual watch with just a little bit of golden shine. And it photographs really well too! :)

Casual Watch Unique Watch Jord Watch

And people notice, that's for sure. I've had many friends and colleagues comment on my beautiful watch and even ask to try it on. The styles are pretty gender neutral and would work for both men and women. And while my watch is pretty classic in style (if I can even say that!) there are some really cool, bold colours for the fashion ambitious out there!

JORD watches are available online -- you can click this link to view the entire catalogue, and they ship internationally. Which I love. What I love even MORE, though, is they ship fast. Super fast. Like within a day. And to make your gift even more unique, you can custom engrave the watch, too. Price points vary depending on the style, but know you are getting a quality piece that is totally unique and will definitely get people talking.

I'm so so so so so stoked to be sharing this instant discount page with Simply Suppa readers, thanks to JORD watches. And perfect timing for the holidays, too. To receive your instant discount and save you some bucks on your brand new watch and purchase, click this link and fill out your info, and boom!, you'll get an email with your promo code. The code will only work for 100 users, so don't delay. The e-gift code expires March 31, 2017. 

What time is it? Time to go shopping!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by JORD Watches. As always, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

Wooden Watch For Men

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