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September 02, 2017

Why Skechers are our Back to School Fave #backtoschool

We've made it to the last long weekend before school starts again for the kiddies. I pride myself on being hyper crazy organized when it comes time to back to school -- I ordered uniform items in July, her drawers were cleared out weeks ago, school and lunch bag in check. But I forgot something major: Indoor shoes! Crap! How could I forget to buy indoor shoes?!

I'm likely not the only parent out there who's running around town today picking up some last minute items. Only for me, I'm not panicked at all. I know exactly what kind of indoor shoes I'll be getting for Isabelle -- Skechers. I got Isabelle her first pair of Skechers last year before school started, and they are her favourite shoes. Not even kidding. They're too small and still her ultimate go-to. 

Thanks to a few partnerships with Skechers, our family has become slightly obsessed and addicted to the brand. And here are a few reasons why:

Comfort Level: Skechers are by far some of the most comfortable shoes I own. Nearly every pair is equipped with a memory-foam sole, ensuring you're getting a pillowy soft step every single time. Some shoes fit wider than others, so take note of that, but in terms of protecting your feet with every step, Skechers are ideal. When we went to Disney in the spring, we all wore our Skechers. Long, hot days. Lots of walking. And while we were exhausted, our feet were just fine.
They look good. Skechers have come a long way in the style dept. I bought my first pair of Skechers about 20 years ago -- they were like a slip on mule sneaker. They were so great, I bought a second pair. But they weren't the nicest looking. Flash forward and the sneakers today rival some top designers, only, you know you're going to get that comfort factor, as explained above! I just love these embroidered sneakers on the right -- perfect for the style-conscious person who wants comfort, too. I totally want these. On my list for fall for sure. Interestingly enough, the vintage retro Skechers from the 90s is actually a major trend. I refuse to wear them though, because, hey, been there done that. And since when is 90s vintage!? Still pretty neat, though, that kids are wearing -- and liking! -- the same shoes we did. 

They Light Up. Obviously, mom. Both my girls love their light-up shoes. Some Skechers styles twinkle, they sparkle, they flash and they glow. Super cool are the S-Lights collection, designed for boys, but girls can totally wear them too. They come in all different colours, high-top and low and have a power button to activate the light. 
Breathable. One of the biggest trends for Skechers this year is the knit woven fabric on some of their sneakers. And it's one of my faves. I'm not a fan of big, heavy clonkers on my feet and the woven fabric shoes makes them stretchy, soft, easy to put on and breathable. 

I would still caution people to wear socks or sockettes, though, because while your feet may stay cool, they can still get a bit stinky, depending on how active you are.

Mini Me. I recently discovered some of the kids styles are exactly miniature replicas of the adult ones. And I think that is so cute! The girls recently got their own pair of knit high tops and I have the exact same pair. The kids' ones are equipped with a side zip for ease, and while the colours are different -- mine are turquoise and theirs are blue -- they get a kick (no pun intended!) when they wear the same shoes as mommy. And if that means getting out of the house just a tad bit earlier, I'm all for it! 

Charitable. This year I got my first pair of BOBS. They are the ultimate in slip-on comfort. There are many different styles of BOBS out today, but the selling feature of BOBS (on top style, ease of wear and comfort) is the charitable aspect. Skechers donates a pair of shoes to a child in need around the world with every BOBS purchase. To date, more than 14 million pairs of shoes have been donated. 
So when it comes to buying Isabelle back to school shoes today, the debate won't be which brand I buy, but which style. I just know she's going to want every pair she sees. And I don't blame her. Wish me luck!


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