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October 30, 2017

Do You Take Special Care of Your Skin?

Do you take special care of your skin? Namely, your face? 

I didn't. I'm trying to fix that.

Truth is, I've always had good skin: few breakouts (even in highschool), great genes, little discolouration. Because of this, I never really paid attention to all the commercials, magazine ads, beauty counter samples. And then it caught up with me. 

Don't get me wrong -- I've BOUGHT skin care products and regimes before. Lots of them. I always had very good intentions of starting a regime, because, well, I thought we all had to. Well, we do. And I'm likely not the only one with half empty bottles of cleansers, moisturizers and toners under the bathroom sink. Right!? But what do they all do! Do you need the retinol, or the Vitamin C, what are peptides!?, and free radicals!? So. Many. Questions.

Earlier this year, I started paying more attention. Better late than never. And I've learned a lot. Of course, I still get confused and don't REALLY understand it all, because, well, I'm not a scientist. And skin care is a LOT of science.

Here's the thing: our skin is our largest organ (we've heard this many, many times), and while no two people are alike, the same goes for our skin. Skin care is as individual as the person, and just like our fashion, it changes with the seasons, too. The products you use on your skin in July aren't the same as the products you use in November. And rightfully so. You don't wear flip flops in the winter. Well, most don't. 

Alumier MD focuses on the science behind great skin. They have a comprehensive medical skin care line that addresses multiple skin concerns and the regimes are customized for each individual person. This is serious business, and it's no wonder you can only get their products at specific places.

I've tried quite a few products through the summer and into the fall. 

My favourite -- the HydraLight Moisturizer ($60/50ml). When I apply the HydraLight Moisturizer (after cleansing, toning and Vitamin C), my skin is beautifully dewy and supple. It's a light formula that improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Most people are dehydrated -- we don't drink enough water and we neglect adding moisture to our skin. And now, especially with the brisk air coming through, moisture is necessary. 
Here's some pretty cool science: the HydraLight Moisturizer uses peptides -- chains of amino acids that act as proteins in our skin OR as messengers that tell our skin how to work. We lose elasticity in our skin as we age; these peptides help improve the elasticity in our skin, and strengthen it. HydraLight Moisturizer also contains Green Tea, Sodium Hyaluronate (plumps, smoothes and softens), and Vitamin B3, as well as other components to boost hydration and calm puffiness. 

I wear this HydraLight every day, under my sunscreen. Even though it says Night Moisturizer, I use it morning and night. At night, I put it on top of my eye cream. Always lightest to heaviest, in terms of cream application.

If you have particularly oily skin (like me in the summer), you'll love the AlumierMD MattiClear Serum ($85/30ml).

MattiClear is a serum, which goes on after your toner and Vitamin C, but before your moisturizer. Sunscreen is always last.

You don't need a lot of this product at all -- like one or two pumps. It's a lightweight oil-absorbing serum and reduces shine and leaves your skin matte and almost Photoshop like!

Science Time. Matticlear uses Java Tea (an extract from the tea plant) to reduce oily skin and pore size. Cellulose Magnesium Silicate, Nigella and Pumpkin Oil combined absorb excess sebum and create that mattifying effect. And of course, there's a lot more science, but as mentioned above, I'm not a scientist.

Alumier MD always recommends using a sunscreen every day, regardless of your age or how sunny it is.

Alumier MD is available at Doctor's Offices, medical spas and online. My friends at Freedom Medi-Spa in Vaughan carry it, too.

Disclaimer: I received these products free to try, but as always, the opinions on my blog are my own.

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  1. Thank you for the mention! We recently added AlumierMd to our clinic and we love it more and more each day. Glad you are enjoying it!


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