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November 30, 2017

A Gift for Your....Plant?

Everyone has that difficult person on their holiday Christmas list. When it comes to buying gifts for some of these people, skip the standard sweater, and turn to their likes and passion when choosing the right gift. 

Lee Valley Tools has an entire store and catalogue FILLED with gifts for literally anyone on your list. What I often consider a gardening store, is much, much more than that. In fact, you can get toys, gadgets, cooking supplies and utensils and of course, gifts for the horticulturalist.

Over the coming weeks, I'm going to showcase some of my favourite -- and unexpected -- gifts from Lee Valley. 

The first on my favourites list: the Plant Nanny Watering Globe & Stake. I actually really like having plants in my home, but I am TERRIBLE when it comes to watering them. 

The Plant Nanny Watering Globe & Stake does it for you. This decorative two-piece watering set is an excellent way to keep small and medium-sized plants hydrated, even if you go away. The stake is made of terracotta, which is a naturally porous material. Water is slowly drawn through the stake, and into the soil. Simply fill the glass watering globe with water, place it into the stake and insert the stake into your plant. 

Then, just forget about it. (Until you need to fill up the globe again) The globe comes in 4 colours and it's pretty, too. I don't mind having it in my plant and I'm sure you can find a tone to match your decor.

This novelty item is great for the non-horticulturalist, or maybe just a busy person! It's a gift for them, and for their plants, too!

The Watering Globe & Stake is only $24.99 at Lee Valley. Thanks to Lee Valley for sending me one to test out. My Money Tree thanks you too!


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