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November 21, 2017

Choose Kind: My Kindness Calendar

We're about 5 weeks away until Christmas, so it's time to cue the carols, get the credit cards primed and check those lists over and over. There's a reason the phrase "hustle and bustle" is often connected to the holidays. This time of year can be increasingly busy and stressful. 

On the heels of World Kindness Day last week and the new Wonder Movie release, I wanted to take a pause before the hustle, the bustle and the full-fledged holiday gift guides to remind everyone to Choose Kind this year. 

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on meaningless gifts, give gifts from the heart, or donate to people in need. Choose Kind. If and when you hit the mall and are faced with a jam-packed parking lot, stay off the horn and be patient. Choose Kind. Spend time with family. Visit. Make good on coffee promises. Choose Kind.

As I do every year, in addition to holiday gifts under your tree, I will also be highlighting Gifts from the Heart. I have already aligned myself with a few local charities and initiatives and I'll share those in the coming days.

To debut my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, I have a Gift from the Heart. This is the My Kindness Advent Calendar, created and designed by a local Toronto woman. The My Kindness Advent Calendar replaces traditional chocolate treats with acts of kindness. Instead of receiving, it's all about giving. 

Each day from December 1 through 25, choose an act of kindness that appeals to you, or make your own. Each calendar contains 1 reusable My Kindness Advent Calendar (18" x 22"), 25 reusable Kindness Stickers, 5 customizable Kindness Stickers. This is a great activity and tradition for kids and adults of all ages.

To purchase a My Kindness Advent Calendar, visit their website

As Simply Suppa launches into the holiday madness, I want to take a moment to say thank you to all my readers and supporters who have shared their kindness. Thank you.


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