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December 18, 2017

Gift for the Nature Lover

There are always some challenging people on your Christmas list: the people who have everything, the picky people, the people who don't like clothes, or shoes, or fragrance, or knick knacks. As I've said in the past, when choosing gifts for the selective bunch, think of their interests or talents.

If you have a nature lover on your list, I've got a good one. 

The Large Squirrel-Resistent Feeder from Lee Valley Tools is great for the person on your list who loves watching the birds and enjoying nature. Not only is it a beautifully large and vibrant feeder, it's designed to keep squirrels out. 

Now, I have nothing against the little furry-tailed rodents, except for the fact they tease my dog incessantly, but anytime I've ever used a bird feeder in my yard, the rascals knock it over and spill all the seeds out within hours of filling it up. So we gave up for a bit. Then I found this beauty.

The feeder comes single-sided or double-sided, and can be added to a post (not included), or hanging (hanging equipment included). There are a few steps to assembling the feeder, but they're super simple to follow. It's designed so if and when a squirrel presses on the front of the feeder, the door will close and the seed will get hidden. Birds are light enough to perch without closing the feeder, although there is a way to adjust the weight, as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing which winter birdies will be joining us, and because it's weather-proof, this feeder can be used year-round. I love the pop of colour it gives to our backyard, too.


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