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December 22, 2017

Keep Them Entertained During the Break

Wanna take bets on how long it'll take before you hear, "I'm borrrrred!" or "What are we doing today?" Of course, there are tons of activities and events happening near and far, within the community and beyond. Some are free, some are ticketed and they're usually well publicized online. 

But sometimes, you need ideas for when you don't feel like getting out of your pjs (like Dec 26 -- unless you brave the mall!). If the next couple of days are an indication, it's going to be a DEEP FREEZE of the holiday break, so we all need some indoor activities to keep us sane and satiated. 

Escape Room -- The Game

Have you been to an Escape Room? We did, and it was tons of fun. Escape Room The Game has 4 escape rooms, all in a box. Break the codes and clues to get your way out the room. Good for older kids and adults. I plan on bringing it along to our friends' home on New Year's Eve. Each escape is timed for an hour. $60 on Amazon -- and you could even have it before Christmas!

Smoochins -- Surprise Maker Kit

Have your kids heard of Smoochins? They are basically small spongey-like creatures, and you can make them! This Surprise Maker Kit comes with a mold and you squeeze the goop inside and grow your own Surprise Smoochins. It's a bit strange, but your kids (and mine!) will go crazy for it. I haven't taken this one out of the box yet, cause I want it to be a surprise, but I did see it at an event, and I'm confident it'll be a hit!

Linkt Craft Kits

My kids love to craft. I'm not surprised, but I'm not always in the mood to paint or glue or make a complete disaster of my kitchen. Linkt Craft Kits are great for kids who love to create. Make bracelets earrings, necklaces -- each kit is different. Not designed for little kids, as there are lots of pieces but perfect for school aged kids. Also good for birthday parties and get togethers. $30 at Mastermind Toys.

Little Tikes RC Wheels Tire Twister

Admittedly, not the quietest toy on the block, but the Little Tikes RC Wheels Tire Twister will be a hit. It's like two toys in one: spin and flip the car within the tire (which also moves), or take it out and use it as a remote control. If they didn't get enough toys on Christmas, this one is a pretty cool one. $80.


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